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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The National Liberation Movement - Transportation Platform

The fascinating story of Beppe Grillo and his social mobilization using the Internet is continuing here in Italy. Beginning with the V-Days, and the gathering of signatures calling for a Clean Parliament and for the Freedom of Information, Grillo then started to create a grass roots political movement at the local Municipal election level with the creation Five-Star Civic Lists. This political movement was accomplianed with a platform of issues known as the Florence Declaration for Municipal Administration. As with most nearly everything Mr. Grillo does, the launching of the Five Star Civic Lists and the Florence Declaration was done solely on the Internet with no additional help from the print or television media, which as you know, is controlled by Berlusconi and the political establishment here in Italy.

Gaining some success with Five Star Civic Lists and the success of getting two candidates elected in the recent European Union elections, Mr. Grillo has now set his sights higher with the decision to establish the National Liberation Movement.

Just as Mr. Grillo did with the Florence Declaration and the Five Star Civic Lists, Beppe Grillo will be announcing and publishing the entire platform for this new movement on the Internet on 4 October. Educated and trained as an accountant, the attention to detail is evident with his recent blog postings detailing seven areas the new movement will be based around. These areas include: Energy, Health, Transport, Economy, Information, Education and the State and the citizens.

To help spread some of the information and details of his movement, Opinione is publishing some of the highlights from the seven platform areas his new movement is centered on.

Please see below some of the ideas Mr. Grillo and his supporters have come up for the idea of transportation. Many of these same ideas can be applied to any urban area and integrated into a country’s transportation policy. If American politicians were really serious about weaning America of foreign oil and becoming more energy independent, the political leaders would take some of these suggestions.


- Provide disincentives for the use of private motorized transport in urban areas

- Develop a network of protected cycle tracks throughout the whole urban area and beyond

- Set up spaces for parking bicycles in urban areas

- Introduce a heavy tax for private cars with only one person inside, entering a historic centre

- Strengthen public transport for collective use and public transport for individual use (car sharing) with electric motors fed through a network

- Immediately block the Messina Bridge (mafia handout)and the TAV in Val di Susa

- Prohibit the construction of new car parks in urban areas

- Develop rail tracks connected to commuter routes

- Cover the whole country with Broadband

- Give incentives for the companies that use tele-working

- Provide a system of efficient connections between different forms of public transport

- Have lanes reserved for public transport in urban areas

- Oblige towns to have a mobility plan for people with disabilities

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