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Monday, March 1, 2010

The President's annual check up and its link to militarism in America

For astute readers of the news, the prevalence of militarism in U.S. politics is undeniable.

The casual references associated with the military in news reports related to the President of the United States (POTUS) such as describing the President as "Fit for Duty",is further proof of the growing influence of a perpetual war mentality in the United States and the continual emergence of an Imperial Presidency. As the former CIA analyst Chalmers discusses in his 2004 book, The Sorrows of Empire- Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic, several founding fathers recognized the danger of foreign entanglements and the corrosive damage that war can have on a democracy. The latest annual medical checkup by POTUS at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland is a token example of the continuing collusion between an out of control state apparatus the founding fathers feared and the ever growing power of Washington DC institutions which threaten the constitutional order of the United States.

While most people may not question POTUS, using a military institution for an annual check up, the use of the military facility for an annual medical check up by the civilian leader in America exposes how people are seduced into allowing the plight of militarism to grow in America. As Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project points out in a recent TomDispatch article, the latest federal budget by the Obama administration opens the American public to yet more pain and sacrifice, while shielding the military and the rest of the national security establishment from the same kind of pain and sacrifice.

The use of a military facility by a Washington DC politician also exposes how the elected leaders in Washington DC ,who are supposed to be employees of the American citizen, have much greater benefits and access to government services than the average hard working American. For politicians who are supposed to protect and ensure the rights given to Americans in the U.S. Constitution are upheld and protected like the clause, all men are created equal, it appears that these politicians are more like the pigs in the classic George Orwell novel Animal Farm, where some pigs are just more equal than other pigs.

The use of the military facility for President Obama’s annual check up at a time when the political establishment in Washington DC is unable to offer more health care to Americans who do not have any, is perhaps one of the most under reported story following the Presidents annual check up. Considering the annual salary of $ 400,000 for the President, $192,600 for the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, $ 166,700 for the Majority & Minority Leaders of the Senate & House and $166,700 for Senators & Representatives, it surely appears that all of these politicians could affords to pay for their own health care. The use of the Naval hospital by President Obama is an example of how the political establishment in Washington DC enjoys the social welfare benefits that members of the military receive for serving their country. If the President and other politicians are allowed to use military facilities for their annual medical checkups and considering the fact that the military’s budget is not getting reduced in 2011, Americans needing health care should seek medical help in the thousands of America military bases.

Tea Party activists should read statements made by the founding fathers related to militarism, war, and the fear of an out of control state apparatus like the Pentagon of the 21st century that could displace the constitutional order in the United States, if they truly want to rail against the big government in Washington D.C.

Paying attention to the headlines of such benign news stories such as the Presidents annual medical check up are indications that the big government that the founding fathers of America feared is continuing unabated.


Ted said...

I guess it does not matter who is in power; Democrats & Republicans alike appear to be HAWKS when it comes to war and military aggression. Also, Prince; Obama & the countless number of smokers is causing our health insurance to sky rocket much higher than a motorcycle rider without a helmet.

Peace Prince,
Theo the matador :).

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Unfortunately, the Tea Party crowd read the thoughts of the founders regarding an out of control military and see gun rights. I find it interesting that the Second Amendment has mutated at exactly the same time that the military budget has gone out of control.

And no one mentions the third amendment.

I look forward to seeing the Supreme Court rewrite the constitution, in particular the Second Amendment so that it is far removed from a guarantee against standing armies.